Saturday, June 11, 2005

Eugenics of Political Thought

We are quickly approaching a dangerous end in our human history. The survival of a species is dependent on diversity, physical and mental. There are examples of this spread throughout earth's history, from the beginnings of fish with eyes survived better than without them, or smaller mammals were better off than larger ones. It's the whole premise behind Darwin's theory of evolution, as everyone knows (or should know). The survival of a species doesn't just rely on how it is equipped physically or what mental choices it makes individually (eat this, not that, sleep at night, or day, etc) but on how it organizes itself, as well. Strength in numbers through colonies of ants, or beehives, or a pride of lions, will be more successful in the long run than a species who relies on individuality to get by (spiders come to mind). With animals, how they organize themselves should be a key to humans in understanding how we, too, could survive longterm or be better off.

I'm not an anthropologist, but I'm sure that's how humans came together in the first place. Perhaps, they came togther to scavange for food off a carcass, but they wouldn't stick together after that. Maybe they witnessed lions hunting as a pride, or how the wildebeests/herding animals stuck together to protect themselves. Eventually, they started to form their own tribes that strengthened their way of life, and then onto cities. When forming cities and towns, it was more of a ant colony than our modern cities (as I envision it). Everyone had their place that helped out the city over all - masons, shepherds, marketplace people, etc. People came together to help eachother, while still looking after themselves. Systems grew to include the farmers on the outside, the fur trappers, the loggers, etc. Everything worked together.

But now our societies are falling apart. Gone is the sense of a system working for everyone else. It's individual freedoms that are the rule of law now. Have as much money as you can at the expense of others. Have a gun even though it may cause damage to you and surrounding people. Wear what you want, even if it offends others, smoke, drink, etc. Not only do our local societies encourage this sort of action, but our governments are striving for it now, as well. The Bush government is pushing for certain liberties for individuals, mainly financial freedom; however, it fails because it's directed at only the rich elite of the country. What bothers me the most is how Bush and Blair talk about bringing freedom and democracy to other countries.

There is nothing wrong with the ideals of democracy. Likewise, there isn't thing wrong with communist or socialist ideals. What has been wrong is their implementation. There are faults with all forms of government, from a national level to a local level. If this is the case, then how can Bush claim that the United State's form of government is best for all countries and solve their problems? What Bush and other world leaders should be doing is studying other foreign governments and see what their weaknesses are along with the positives. Start implementing these positive factors into the American government to help solve our problems. Instead of pushing for other countries to change to the American style, encourage them to read and study the political philosophers from Marx to Voltaire. Allow them to find their own form of government. If they feel the US style of democracy is right, then fine, but give them the options.

The reason for this, besides common courtesy to allow your host to do their own thing, is to further our species survival. By having several forms of government happening at once, humans can see what works and use it as the ultimate form of government - if we are to believe that the world will be under a universal government instead of a national one in the future. Adopting one way of life may be foolhardy and suicidal. The US form of democracy has continued to divide the country for centuries now. How is that form going to work in already heavily divided countries? Applying the American ideal of the cultural melting pot will not work in most countries, especially in countries that have had civil wars for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

I hope that the American government will realize this in the future, as well the world. Otherwise, we may be in danger of survival.


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